We're more powerful than you think

The only company who has the capability of customizing anything and everything the customer wants.

The more advanced we made it, the funner it got

The way we make things

  • Worldwide activity

    Everything Cobaltray does begin with the customer. The goal is always to provide what they need. Focusing on customers will also help us to choose where we devote more resources on.

  • Make to order(ODM/OEM)

    Our most advance production and business strategy is full design hardware and software, even package in the Korea, and buying material and manufacturing is in the China for the cost-effective and high quality product

  • Improved support Half finished products

    Quick & High Quality & Low Cost! Our Chinese local factory is closely linked as One-Stop service for OEM and ODM. Experienced in supporting production and manage outsourcing based on our skillful know-how for years into overseas market.


It is press report details of CobaltRay and you can experience
our creative potential. We ask for your continued support!